Veronika Dräxler (GER/ECU) is an interdisciplinary artist who creates performances, photography, video, installations, text, and platforms for dialogue. Her work combines an affective and poetical use of language, symbols, images and rituals to research the condition, production and conception of communication and knowledge as a method of demarcation. She is further concerned with social injustice, exclusivity and the existential pressure of being a human at this time - as seen and experienced in her various travels, mostly through South and Central America.


She is the founder of Selbstdarstellungssucht.de a blog about contemporary art and digital identity, providing a platform for discourse to over a hundred of artists and being rewarded 2015 by the German government.

Her work has been shown in various exhibitions, including Manifesta11, Zurich, Globale, Karlsruhe and Münchner Stadtmuseum, Munich.









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Contact: mail@veronikadraexler.de